Forensic Consultation and Expert Services

Forensic Consultation and Expert Services

Dr. Adrian provides expert forensic psychological services in industrial contexts, in administrative law matters, and in civil litigation.

In the industrial arena, she performs psychological evaluations to assess fitness for hire, continued work or practice; and to assess disability.  She provides assessments for employees referred by their employers, disability applicants, and disability insurers. She has provided fitness to serve assessments for the Army, to assess whether recruits had psychological problems that would interfere with their functioning safely as soldiers. Since 2010 she has served as a Qualified Medical Evaluator for the Department of Worker’s Compensation, and in that neutral capacity has assessed psychological injury in over 300 applicants for attorneys litigating their cases.

In administrative law matters, Dr. Adrian provides psychological fitness to practice evaluations for licensees or probationers referred by the California Board of Psychology, the Board of Behavioral Science Examiners, the Board of Nursing, the Medical Board, the Veterinary Medical Board, and other licensing Boards in California. For the Board of Psychology and the Board of Behavioral Sciences, she also provides standard-of-care evaluations, and serves as an expert witness testifying in administrative law hearings. She also provides evaluations for applicants to licensing Boards or the California Bar who have been advised of some question of their psychological fitness, and provides consultation and expert services for licensees who have been accused of standard of care violations by their Boards.

In civil litigation, Dr. Adrian has specialized in assessing the nature and degree of personal injury in matters of accident, assault, sexual harassment and abuse, workplace harassment, discrimination, and medical malpractice. She was retained to perform numerous evaluations of adults molested as children in a major class action suit against the Catholic Church. She has special expertise in the psychological consequences of abuse by a trusted authority, and someone who has a fiduciary duty to the person he or she injures, reflected in her work in cases of priest or minister abuse and cases of medical malpractice, including boundary violations in mental health treatment. Dr. Adrian has been retained as a psychological expert consultant and witness equally for both plaintiffs and defendants.

In workplace and legal matters, a major issue for assessment is the credibility of the person being evaluated.  Dr. Adrian has special expertise in assessing credibility issues.

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